with Lauriane


The reason you are on this website is because you wish to make a change.

You may be:

  • Pregnant or pregnancy is in your near future plans and you wish to improve your nutritional habits to welcome baby and eat well during this exciting time in your life
  • A new parent and the idea of your baby starting solids is a bit daunting and you’re not sure where to begin
  • A parent to a young child and want to make sure to establish healthy eating habits at an early age
  • A parent to a child who is not eager to come to the table and has a tendency to refuse foods
  • A parent and meal times are a stressful moment and you wish to restore peace and serenity around the dinner table
  • A parent and you wish to have a different outlook on meal times as they are not an enjoyable part of the day
  • A parent and you feel like you could do better in regards to what you provide during meals but lack of time and imagination make it difficult to break the cycle
  • A parent and have a bunch of questions on nutrition and seek to find answers from a registered nutritional therapist


Your consultation will be based on your personal goals and objectives. Prior to the consultation you will receive a questionnaire which will highlight your current health concerns, your current medication and a 3 day food diary. You will be asked to return the questionnaire via email the day before your consultation.

Duration: see below – initial consultation and follow up consultation

Consultations are done by Skype.

Consultations are done in English or in French.


An initial consultation will last between an hour and an hour and a half.

We will discuss your primary reasons for this consultation, your overall health, medical and family history, lifestyle and dietary analysis.

An agreed action plan will be discussed to address your specific goals and a nutritional and lifestyle protocol will then be sent to you after the consultation to help you implement the changes that need to be made so that you can achieve your goals.

Email support between consultations will be provided if required.


Follow up consultations last between 30-45 minutes, taking place 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.

They are recommended to assess your progress, discuss any changes that have occurred and make any necessary adjustments to your protocol.

A revised plan will be provided so that you can continue your progression.