• collective coaching 
  • A guided journey to enjoy your family meal times
  • An adventure which will provide meal ideas and solutions
  • A coaching with techniques, activities and games so that your children enjoy meal times even more as a family
  • A community and support from the group to motivate each other while these new habits are being put in place and incorporated in your everyday life
  • A library of photos, menus, videos to inspire you in the kitchen… 

  After this first adventure :

  • You will have obtained numerous new recipes
  • You will have shared plenty of fun hours in the kitchen with your children
  • You will have worked as a team to create meals together
  • Your child will have developed self-confidence and autonomy
  • You will have put in place numerous healthy habits around meal times
  • You will have learnt games and activities as a family around the dinner table
  • You will have put in place new habits to facilitate your organisation
  • You will have put in place tools to reduce your mental workload
  • And so much more !


A programme to instore a better organisation with the help of our children to enjoy fun-filled family meal times.

Duration: 30 days

Location:  Virtually (Whatsapp and Zoom)

Next adventure: 15th of March 2021

Theme of the month: Digestion

Price: €/£ 67 * 

* For a preview of the adventure and 2 free recipes, please email me and I’ll be happy to share them with you!  

All the recipes include season vegetables and fruits and have as a goal to improve your digestion.